Kezie Adventurous Foods Styled Food Photography Scottish Borders

It's amazing what is hidden away in the borders, I was really excited when Kezie Foods commissioned me to shoot the packaging and a range of serving suggestions for their 12 new exotic, gourmet ready meals.
After taking the booking over the phone, the next morning a large white package arrived with a range of meals in for me to have exactly the same experience as their customers would after placing an order online.  It was a chance for me (and the kids!) to sample the foods and play about with ideas for styling the shoot.
I had a really helpful meeting with the designer and printer of their booklets to see exactly how the images were being used in the new booklet and what formats they were required to be in.
We collected a multitude of props for the shoot and came together in a large room with great light for an entire day of cooking and shooting.
Here are some of the shots from the day, they make my mouth water!

Home Visit to Baby Wren and Mum at 11 Days Old, Newborn Photography

Baby Wren is 11 days old today, she has the most beautiful eyes and a cheeky little smirk, I can see that she is going to have a lot of personality already, and with two older brothers she's going to need it!

Wren was wide awake for the shoot (which was a very quick shoot) but I think it worked well for her.

Those first few days go so quickly, and you seem to walk around in such a daze, it's hard to remember now but I'm so glad to have those early photographs of my babies to look back on.


Passport, ID and Visa Photographs, taken by a Professional Photographer, ready in minutes…

At Pictorial Photography on Berwick Quayside, I can now take passport/visa photos for any country. 

Shortly after Smith's Photo Centre on Bridge Street closed, Pictorial Photography started to see an increase of requests for passport photography and other specialist services such as visa photographs, driving license ID, shotgun licenses and disabled badge pictures.

In the past I had always sent people to Bridge Street for them but all of a sudden the nearest passport and ID specialist was in Alnwick or Duns and nobody really likes the supermarket booths.

I decided then to undertake the specialist training and purchase the equipment that Pictorial Photography required to produce high quality passport, ID and visa photos on the spot for locals.

Since adding this new arm to the business, I have taken many different formats and styles of passport photograph, each embassy has slightly different regulations but I makes sure no matter which nationality of passport or visa photo my customers require that they all conform to the specific regulations.


There are many do-it-yourself places that provide a passport photo service, such as a booth or online, but wouldn't you prefer your passport photograph be taken by a professional who can advise you on what the regulations are for each country?  You also have the added benefit of being able to review your photo to make sure you are happy with it before it's printed as it's going to be in your passport for a good few years!  If you're not happy, I will take another one for you.

Baby passport photos can be fun, being a family photographer I know how hard it can be at times to get a baby or young child to stay still long enough, let alone with a neutral facial expression whilst they get their passport photo taken.  I am very patient and can be on hand to offer advice and support so the situation is stress-free.  My aim is to make having the passport picture taken an easy task, not a chore. (for a small call out fee I offer an at home service for customers who can't manage to call in to the studio themselves, contact me for details about this service on 07762 428 096)

To make sure that your Passport / Visa / ID passes all the regulations, just pop in to Pictorial Photography and within minutes you will walk away with the right photo for your requirements.  With Quayside parking on the doorstep it couldn't be easier.

Pictorial Photography is open from 10am-12.00pm Saturdays and 3pm-5pm Wednesday for passport photography drop in sessions.  No appointment needed, just pop in when you are passing or ring Sarah on 07762 428 096 if you have any questions.