Beautifully Styled Family Photo Session at 3 different locations, Beach, Park and Home

Lisa chose 3 locations for her beautiful family to have their photography session, we started at the family home, in the garden and inside for a few then we went to a local park which was down by the stream, we ended up at Cocklawburn beach (it was a good idea to end there because, sand).   After looking through our what to wear guide, Lisa had 3 outfits outfit ideas so we matched them up with the locations before we set off, I would usually advise against 3 changes as children can become impatient but these two were troopers right through.  I loved this shoot and I'd love know which location you prefer, let me know in the comments below, beach, park or home... I think my favourite was the beach at the end of the day - it was that really misty weekend that we had, remember?  It was like pea soup at the beach!

Let me know your fave location in the comments below :)

Co-op funeralcare Tweedmouth, retirement PR shoot

Thank you so much for the pictures I absolutely love them, the one with the Top Hat is just the kind of picture I was wanting, “passing the hat on” – brilliant
— David Knowles, Regional Operations Manager, Funeralcare

Cute Little Elsie's 8 month shoot, sitting but not yet walking. Duns, Berwickshire

Little Elsie was the cutest, most smiley little scone today.  For babies, after the newborn stage 8 months is a really brilliant age, loads of personality and sitting confidently, we nearly caught her first crawl on camera but it wasn't yet to be.   her mum brought the red and white bunting out from her nursery - where she plans to hangl some wall art.

After a while we managed to get some shots of Elsie with her mum, she wasn't keen initially and didn't expect to be in the shoot but I just love to capture the bond that children have with their parents, preserving the memories of fleeting childhoods and relationships that transform over time. 

This got me thinking, why wait until we have the perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect weight or perfect weather?  I need a family shoot myself, it's been nearly 2 years since the last one!  My children don't mind or even care what I look like and future me will be so glad to have a special glimpse into this moment in time, and we'll all get to cherish it forever.

It's my ongoing quest as a mother and photographer to bottle up time.  What better goal could there possibly be as a photographer?  I must practice what I preach.. Watch this space!

Carol from SPEAK's Profile Portaits

Archive Post

Carol and I met at a wedding fayre in Kelso earlier this year, I was fascinated by her zesty stand which featured a massive bowl of fresh, bright lemons.  Her stand was for SPEAK which offers professional workshops for individuals (including best men, fathers of the bride and grooms!) who want or need to successfully present themselves.

I chose to attend one of the workshops myself as public speaking is something I have had trouble with. This might seem rather strange to those of you who have attended a wedding I've photographed as you will know that I don't have any problem in standing up to direct a group of 200+ wedding guests into a group.  I guess it only overcomes me during 'set' presentations,  I think it all started at university - I'd stand up to do a talk and my knees would start to wobble, this would then move up my body to my hands, shaking the notes, eventually even my jaw would start to shake making my voice wobble, REAL,L,L,Y emb,arr,ass,ing, agggh!

Carol was brilliant, her experience and knowledge shines - she taught me how to express my ideas and to give information in a really clear way.  I'm actually looking forward to putting my new techniques and presentation into practice, something I thought I'd NEVER again want to do.

Here are some photographs from a portrait shoot Carol commissioned, the photographs will be used for advertising and promotion for the new SPEAK website and in publications featuring SPEAK.

Carol said:
"Dear Sarah, Thank-you, You take a good photo whether indoors or out, even though I was tired on the day, you capture my animated enthusiasm in a 'thoughtful' context.  You have real talent and wonderful eye."

Thank you Carol :)

Do you have trouble talking in public?  Visit http://speak.uk.com/ for more information on the workshops with Carol, I'm highly recommending them (incase you hadn't realised).

Home Visit to Baby Wren and Mum at 11 Days Old, Newborn Photography

Baby Wren is 11 days old today, she has the most beautiful eyes and a cheeky little smirk, I can see that she is going to have a lot of personality already, and with two older brothers she's going to need it!

Wren was wide awake for the shoot (which was a very quick shoot) but I think it worked well for her.

Those first few days go so quickly, and you seem to walk around in such a daze, it's hard to remember now but I'm so glad to have those early photographs of my babies to look back on.


Our New Office, Shore Gate

Fantastic News!!!  I've just picked up the keys to our new office on Berwick Quayside.  It's a beautiful landmark building with ample parking on the doorstep in a brilliant location for photo shoots... Watch this space for photographs of the new locations...

I've also sourced a few, interesting old photographs from when the area was a ship yard, my grandpa, Cyril used to work there in the 70's see if you can spot him on the group photo 3rd from the left hiding at the back.