Fish Shack - Regional and Seasonal feature photography for Landscape magazine

Photographs from a recent day out to Amble shooting the Fish Shack for Landscape magazine’s regional and seasonal pages.

Chef Martin was a great host, really helpful. As this was for the April issue we had to made sure there was no snow in the images, there wasn’t any snow - just a lot of frost! He was tasked with clearing the windows of frost, the only problem was that the pipes had frozen (hazard of the location) so no coffee or customers! We made do to get the pictures we needed and I pulled a few people in from the Harbour for ‘customer shots’ they were quite glad to be able to cosy up by the stove.

landscape magazine flat lay april 2019

“On the Northumberland coast, a cafe made from upturned boats serves food fresh from the sea”

landscape magazine flat lay from net to plate regional seasonal article northumberland coast fish restaurant photography

Kezie Adventurous Foods Styled Food Photography Scottish Borders

It's amazing what is hidden away in the borders, I was really excited when Kezie Foods commissioned me to shoot the packaging and a range of serving suggestions for their 12 new exotic, gourmet ready meals.
After taking the booking over the phone, the next morning a large white package arrived with a range of meals in for me to have exactly the same experience as their customers would after placing an order online.  It was a chance for me (and the kids!) to sample the foods and play about with ideas for styling the shoot.
I had a really helpful meeting with the designer and printer of their booklets to see exactly how the images were being used in the new booklet and what formats they were required to be in.
We collected a multitude of props for the shoot and came together in a large room with great light for an entire day of cooking and shooting.
Here are some of the shots from the day, they make my mouth water!

Redhall Cottage Restaurant with Rooms, Gourmet Food In Eyemouth


Redhall Cottage Restaurant is having the old website updated by Northern Lab and needed some new photographs of the interior, exterior and some to showcase the mouthwatering food that they offer.  I got to taste the dishes after the shoot and I must say the food was delicious!