Eat Sleep Ride business profile shots for Business Gateway, Scottish Borders

I was asked to provide a range of business profile shots of Eat Sleep Ride for Business Gateway to use across various media in print and online.

Eat Sleep Ride is a social enterprise run by Danielle McKinnon who takes in problem horses for backing, schooling and retraining.

Kezie Adventurous Foods Styled Food Photography Scottish Borders

It's amazing what is hidden away in the borders, I was really excited when Kezie Foods commissioned me to shoot the packaging and a range of serving suggestions for their 12 new exotic, gourmet ready meals.
After taking the booking over the phone, the next morning a large white package arrived with a range of meals in for me to have exactly the same experience as their customers would after placing an order online.  It was a chance for me (and the kids!) to sample the foods and play about with ideas for styling the shoot.
I had a really helpful meeting with the designer and printer of their booklets to see exactly how the images were being used in the new booklet and what formats they were required to be in.
We collected a multitude of props for the shoot and came together in a large room with great light for an entire day of cooking and shooting.
Here are some of the shots from the day, they make my mouth water!

Cute Little Elsie's 8 month shoot, sitting but not yet walking. Duns, Berwickshire

Little Elsie was the cutest, most smiley little scone today.  For babies, after the newborn stage 8 months is a really brilliant age, loads of personality and sitting confidently, we nearly caught her first crawl on camera but it wasn't yet to be.   her mum brought the red and white bunting out from her nursery - where she plans to hangl some wall art.

After a while we managed to get some shots of Elsie with her mum, she wasn't keen initially and didn't expect to be in the shoot but I just love to capture the bond that children have with their parents, preserving the memories of fleeting childhoods and relationships that transform over time. 

This got me thinking, why wait until we have the perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect weight or perfect weather?  I need a family shoot myself, it's been nearly 2 years since the last one!  My children don't mind or even care what I look like and future me will be so glad to have a special glimpse into this moment in time, and we'll all get to cherish it forever.

It's my ongoing quest as a mother and photographer to bottle up time.  What better goal could there possibly be as a photographer?  I must practice what I preach.. Watch this space!

Candy Rafferty, Radio Borders Charity Manager, Headshot Interviews

Hi Candy,

Thank you for giving up some of your precious time to do this, I know how busy you are!  Let's get straight to it...

Can you tell us about yourself and what inspires you?

I work for Radio Borders, running their charity Cash for Kids, which supports disadvantaged children in our broadcast area.   We grant funds to individuals as well as other children's organisations, so long as they are local, and living in poverty or with an illness or disability.  I don't have to look far for inspiration.  A 9 year old I met last week for example, had recently been diagnosed with a terminal condition.  He's not expected to live through his teens and he is aware of that. I spent time with him and his incredibly brave family, learning about his illness so I could understand how Cash for Kids might help.   As I left, he ran after me, gave me a big hug and said"Thank you for helping other children too." 

What does a typical workday look like for you?

K2 in a white-out.   My desk is always snowed under.  In fact, by midday, there's a high risk of avalanche on to the news-desk next to mine.  I am only part time and solo.  Even with the help of my long-suffering colleagues, the summit always seems to be just out of reach. There's an endless range of tasks; I might be filling in a risk assessment, forecasting income or expenditure, writing a press release, processing an emergency application, dressing up as our mascot Courage the Cat, ordering disability equipment, clothing or bedding, writing thank you letters, paying bills, attending a school assembly, making a presentation, briefing volunteers, letting the listeners know what's happening with the charity. There are epic peaks and crevasses even in a day.  One minute I'll have my head in my hands, looking at a massive shortfall, and the next, I'll get a call from someone who's just run a marathon for us.  I am never, ever bored.

Which part of your job do you feel most passionate about?

My background is in advertising, I'm a copywriter to trade, and worked in London until I had children myself.   Two days a week I still work as a freelancer.  I love finding creative ways of getting a message out.  (Thanks for this one by the way!)  I'm so lucky to have that opportunity in both my jobs.


What tips would you give someone starting out in your industry.

Balance your head and your heart.  

What's the best feedback you have ever had.

From a social worker who phoned to let a Mum know Cash for Kids funding was on its way.  That phone call interrupted Mum in the act of taking her own life.  

She'd become so desperate, she felt her kids would be better off without her.  Just a few hundred pounds made the difference between three children having a Mum, and not. 

Who do you most admire in the world and why?

People often ask me how I stop myself crying when I hear the stories of abuse and neglect, or the challenges of disabilities, bereavement or homelessness. But I am driven to tears by the generosity of people who don't have a spare penny but still stick £1 in my collection can.  Or those who give up their precious time to help because through personal experience they know the true value of it.  Those people I admire.  And I am surrounded by them here.

Do you have a favourite quote that you turn to for inspiration? 

 "…always try and be a little kinder than is necessary."   Appropriately it's from children's author, JM Barrie.

What are your future plans for Radio Borders Cash for Kids?

I have a lyric on the back of my business card:  "...with a little help from my friends…" As the charity grows, I need to find more help.  A voluntary committee in every locality who can run fundraisers, attend events, or support our big campaigns like Mission Christmas. I need SM and digital expertise.  I need local businesses to get behind the charity, set up staff fundraising groups, I need friends to dedicate their time, energy, commitment and imagination to making sure every child in our community fulfils the potential they were born with.

Candy, that feedback, what can I say?  it is amazing what you do and it all sounds pretty hektic.  If any businesses or individuals would like some info on how to get involved and help please visit

To apply for a grant from Cash for Kids please visit

Cash for Kids cashmere scarf design with Sinclair Duncan and Radio Borders

In February I was commissioned by Radio Borders to photograph various models wearing a pretty cashmere scarf, I was intrigued by why the radio station was promoting scarfs for Valentines and Mothers Day so when I heard that Sinclair Duncan had been making limited editions, designed by a local school girl and that all the profits were going to Cash for Kids (a borders children's charity) I was very keen to be involved.

Here is the story behind the scarfs.

In late 2015, Sinclair Duncan asked 70 Primary and Secondary schools in the Scottish Borders were invited to enter a competition. They asked them to design a scarf for a local charity "Cash for Kids." The scarf would be 100% cashmere and it would be made in Scotland by Sinclair Duncan.

Sales and Marketing Director at Sinclair Duncan, Debbie Paterson, announced the winner live on the radio at the winner's school assembly: 'The entries received were of such a high standard, but there was one that stood out for all of us. The careful choice of colour and contemporary design shows a talent beyond her years.' Little did the winner (9 year-old Eve McKenzie from Knowepark Primary School in Selkirk) know what an impact sales from her scarf would have on her community:

All profits of the scarves would go to the charity and the profits ensured that:

7 children children snuggled up in their own bed for the first time.

3 autistic children can play in specially adapted safe places.

1000 children woke up to gifts at Christmas of 2015.

45 children will have warm clothes and shoes.

A family can sit down to warm cooked meals.

Here is Eve getting ready to model the scarf.

CLICK HERE to watch the video showing some of the manufacturing process of the winning scarf and also, proud Eve showing off her amazing talent.

These scarfs are limited edition and are bound to sell out fast, remember all profits from every scarf in this design goes to local children's charity Cash For Kids, CLICK HERE to buy now. 

Even Lorraine has one (not my photo, Lorraine took her own selfie, cheers hen)

Here is one of the Valentines themed photographs

Here's a couple of the Mothers Day themed shots



Remember, the scarfs are limited edition and selling out fast, ALL of the profits from every scarf in this design goes to local children's charity Cash For Kids, CLICK HERE to buy a lovely scarf. 


Well done Eve!!!

Firebellows outdoor product shoots

 Today was a great day for an outdoor product shoot to celebrate the release of some stylish new fire bellows, hand crafted in our very own Scottish Borders with the finest in Jubilee tartan.

The bellows were created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the accession of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.  The selected colours in the tartan are believed to be amongst Her Majesty's favorite!

We also shot some exotic skin bellows and hair on hide bellows, the fabric and location photography gives these traditional products and their marketing a contemporary twist which must be working well as Ruth, the maker has recently had some fantastic press and PR in magazines such as House and Garden, Country Life, Living North and Scottish Field mostly featuring my photography, woot!

To find out more about these beautiful bespoke products, please visit



Yes, you read right PINK Ostrich bespoke fire bellows, not only that... we have 'hairy' cow ones too!

Ruth is mad, but mad in a good, fun kind of way... she has amazing creative ideas and we have a fab time working together, bouncing ideas around and drinking cups of tea.

People have been nagging her to put a portrait of herself on the Devlin Jones website as she makes all the bellows herself, reluctantly she obliged and after a lot of giggling I think you'll agree we got a lovely natural shot of her.

One of the pictures here shows a few magazine articles the bellows have featured in recently, mag's included Scottish Field, Country Life, Scotland on Sunday magazine and Living North all published using my pictures, I was impressed and the cat seemed to like them.

High End Scottish Tartan Fire Bellows on The Coast

first posted on 27th August 2009

Today was a great day, I have been photographing some top quality, bespoke tartan fire bellows on location.  

Our client was looking to create a 'high end' and 'Scottish' theme to reflect these unique products so there was nothing else for it but to use the beautiful natural environment which surrounds us as a backdrop.  

We started the shoot in the countryside, however, after a brief but slightly scary encounter with large heard of cows and some barbed wire we retreated to the calm of the coast.

Check out for more information or to purchase one of these fine objects.

Farm Workers and Family Christmas Fireworks Party at Cranshaws Near Duns


posted on 1st December 2010

An exciting and technically challenging night at a wet staff fireworks/coloured bonfire disco at a farm in Cranshaws, nr. Duns.


As I say it was VERY cold, and wet... up to the ankles in mud, wet.. and extremely dark so it was a bit of a challenge for the photography but with a few little tricks we have turned out some creative and exciting imagery.  The local chippy delivered about 50 portions of fish and chips and there were some really yummy brownies on offer which obviously helped with the photo taking ;D.  Everyone had a brilliant time so luckily the rain didn't spoil play.  Enjoy!


Fireworks and blue/green bonfire by