Maltings Theatre Board Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before! (Archived Post)


Board meetings don’t have to be boring as these pictures of Northumberland theatre trustees go to show.

Walking over the cobbles along the tranquil Tweed to the Quayside is my treasured morning ritual. It allows me to clear those thoughts of missing PE kits, noisy playground chatter, children scowling at my scrambled eggs, and plan the day ahead. I had the board of the Maltings Theatre coming in for a photoshoot that evening and I felt in need of a flash of inspiration to help decide what exactly I was going to do when they arrived.

I couldn’t help it but the word ‘board’ was not filling me with enthusiasm or creativity. I also had the feeling that the people coming in may not be too keen on getting their pictures taken.

The Maltings is a creative and theatrical place, so I wanted to take some photos that captured the essence of how it both inspires and entertains.

Ros Lamont, (Maltings Head of External Affairs) booked the headshot sessions and loved the idea of an alternative shoot but had concerns about not all of the board members being up for such radical photographs. I assured her that I would do my best to enthuse them and start the session with a traditional portrait of each member to put the subjects’ minds at rest.

I decided to put the theatre board’s acting skills to the test. They had all come prepared for a traditional corporate studio headshot with lovely ironed shirts and combed hair, but that is not what I had in mind.

It took a bit of time to explain what my ideas were but surprisingly nobody was too phased.. maybe slightly bemused! We had a complete riot and there were blood curdling screams and roars coming from my little studio - I wonder what the neighbours thought? Some of the subjects needed a little help or coaxing with getting the expressions out so I was asking questions and telling them stories and scenarios. This technique can be very helpful in photography. You have to show some emotions to evoke them from your subject at times.

So that was my Thursday evening of turning a potentially dull photo shoot into a really fun and impactful art project. I’d love to know your thoughts, feel free to comment below!

Sarah Jamieson is a specialist headshot and family portrait photographer at Pictorial Photography based on Berwick’s Quayside, Sarah works with/from creative and introvert to ambitious and dynamic individuals who are looking for a profile picture to get them and their work noticed online, fast. 

Family Photo Shoot at Berwick Beach and near the Stanks, Greenses and Golf Course

Elaine and Wayne wanted some photographs as memories of living and bringing up their little boys in the Greenses near Berwick Beach as they are moving house and wanted to mark the occasion.   We walked around to the Stanks for a woodland type background before going down to the beach to build sandcastles.  I can't say the session started that well as the wee one head planted the ground and gained an egg on his head but he managed to pull himself around after a good hug from mum, these boys are made of tough stuff!  

Co-op funeralcare Tweedmouth, retirement PR shoot

Thank you so much for the pictures I absolutely love them, the one with the Top Hat is just the kind of picture I was wanting, “passing the hat on” – brilliant
— David Knowles, Regional Operations Manager, Funeralcare

Sanderson McCreath Edney Solicitors, Illustrative photography for website and traditional branding


Today I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful and quirky old quay walls building that is currently used as sanderson, mccreath and edney solicitors firm.  The photography was done to illustrate their website to show the long standing, traditional firm that have been in Berwick for 165 years.

Berwick Heritage Open Days, Fascinating Open Houses Throughout Northumberland

Today I had a portrait photo shoot of a family staying at The Anchorage Guest House in Woolmarket, Berwick where we took some shots on the lovely sweeping staircase and in the kitchen before heading out along the street to the Elizabethan Walls.

After that shoot I took a little trot along to one of the Heritage Open Days held in Berwick, this one was the rather eerie but fine townhouse 44 Ravensdowne, up until recently believe it or not this was an occupied home, I don't think the home owners enjoyed housekeeping too much as you will see from the decades worth of cobwebs on the windows!  The back garden contains evidence of the west wall of the 1550's Edward VI citadel, which was built to replace the castle.  However, the house didn't disappoint, magnificent original features and tons of interesting things to photograph, a bit different to my usual interior photographs!  Good luck to the new owners, I'm sure it will be a beautiful re-development.  Here is the info and website link from Heritage Open Days Northumberland..

"A must visit. This is probably the only time this property will be open to the public. This fine early Victorian town house has been largely untouched for the last 80 years. It boasts most of its original interior architectural details. Later alterations include Art Nouveau panelling in the stairwell and wallpaper, albeit very faded, dating to the 1930s. The back garden contains evidence of the west wall of the Edward VI citadel and a mysterious carved stone has been discovered, possibly from a former Jacobean palace that stood on the site, built into a doorway!"

After I'd finished looking around the house I decided to visit The Penny Lodging House in Eastern Lane, also a really interesting place to be nosey, here is the info on that one too - worth a visit, fascinating!

"The Penny Lodging House is a semi-derelict Georgian building that has a rich and varied history. Built possibly as a fashionable home in the late 18th century, it was used as a penny lodging house in the early and mid 19th century, before becoming a storage premises for shops on Marygate - a use that preserved the interiors from modernisation and formed the eerie, desolate space that you see today. The building is occasionally used for site-specific performance by The Maltings Theatre."

Berwick Garden Centre - Seasonal Photographs for Social Media

I was asked by Berwick Garden Centre to take seasonal photographs for social media and their website throughout the year.  This included product photography for the likes of their local hamper range, santa with the children and even staff headshots.  It was lovely to see how much the centre changes throughout the year.