Tumbling Birds Styled Product Sessions In The Studio And On Location With Models

These adorable products and cute wee model sessions were shot over a few mornings a while back in preparation for Jodie's new company commerce website Tumbling Birds.  The site was designed and developed by Northern Lab in Berwick.

Jodie uses a lovely bright colours in her designs so we produced some simple styled product shots on a grey background to show off the vibrant clothing for eye catching product descriptions.  We spent a fun picnic afternoon at the farm with all the babies to illustrate how these lovely items could be used, these photographs have been used in the banners and galleries on the site.

Expressions Mini Sessions - February 27th and March 21st 2017

An old contact sheet was found in my grandmothers possessions..

Photographer unknown, Glasgow (50... something years ago, sorry mum!)

Photographer unknown, Glasgow (50... something years ago, sorry mum!)

A contact sheet was found in my grandmothers possessions.  I was mesmerised by it.  The print shows my mum as a 7 month old, blond, curly, inquisitive, cute and bossy little baby girl who had just learnt to sit up.  My grandmother’s hand accidentally reaching in on a few of the shots to wipe away the dribbles or change the favourite toy is what makes it such a special little collection. 

Everything had been left in, the outtakes and wobbles add to the charm and story of the photography session. In fact, some of the expressions and funny little looks show a glimpse of my mothers personality now!

I loved looking at this contact sheet so much that I have used the idea to create a new product for Pictorial Photography called ‘Expressions’.  Some of you may have seen this framed copy in the studio behind my desk.


I trialled Expressions last year and it proved a popular offer, this year I am offering a limited 8 exclusive Expressions mini shoots on February 27th and March 21st 2017 at a special price of only £45 (a whopping 65% off!) which will include:

  • 30 minute studio shoot at our studio on Berwick Quayside (with free all day parking outside)
  • In-person ordering session where you can choose your favourite expressions for your wall
  • An 18"x12" (45x30cm) expressions print of your child as shown above (usually 30 pictures on the print)

The photographs are all taken in a vintage high chair so the resulting framed photograph looks best on display in your kitchen or dining room.  Every time you look at these photographs your heart will fill with love and you will have beautiful memories to treasure forever.

To book one of our Expressions mini shoots click HERE, only 8 spots available.

Your baby needs to be able to sit unsupported in a high chair (usually around 6 months - 2 years old). Expression mini sessions are NOT suitable for babies who can not sit unaided.

You will need to bring babies favourite toys, any heirloom toys you would like to include, a bib and a change of top.

a few of the boards from last years expression mini shoots

a few of the boards from last years expression mini shoots

The Small Print

TIME SLOTS:  Will be allocated on a first come first serve basis (via ticket distributer and WILL run on time. Bookings are limited to one per family.

CHILDREN:  All under 18’s to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

PRODUCTS: Products included in the shoot can not be changed or swapped. Further prints, frames, products, packages and/or digital files can be purchased after your session. Facebook images will be watermarked.

FAMILY GROUPS: Mini shoot sessions are not suitable for large family groups.

PAYMENT: Payment is taken upon booking to secure your slot.

COPYRIGHT:  All images are copyright protected to Pictorial Photography unless otherwise stated.

SESSION IMAGES: Clients should expect to see between 30 and 50 images from an expressions Mini Shoot.

ORDER TIMELINE: Pictorial Photography will fulfil product orders within 28 days of the order being received.  All image files that are not purchased will be deleted after the ordering session.

To book one of our Expressions mini shoots click HERE, there are only 8 spots available.

Cute Little Elsie's 8 month shoot, sitting but not yet walking. Duns, Berwickshire

Little Elsie was the cutest, most smiley little scone today.  For babies, after the newborn stage 8 months is a really brilliant age, loads of personality and sitting confidently, we nearly caught her first crawl on camera but it wasn't yet to be.   her mum brought the red and white bunting out from her nursery - where she plans to hangl some wall art.

After a while we managed to get some shots of Elsie with her mum, she wasn't keen initially and didn't expect to be in the shoot but I just love to capture the bond that children have with their parents, preserving the memories of fleeting childhoods and relationships that transform over time. 

This got me thinking, why wait until we have the perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect weight or perfect weather?  I need a family shoot myself, it's been nearly 2 years since the last one!  My children don't mind or even care what I look like and future me will be so glad to have a special glimpse into this moment in time, and we'll all get to cherish it forever.

It's my ongoing quest as a mother and photographer to bottle up time.  What better goal could there possibly be as a photographer?  I must practice what I preach.. Watch this space!

Home Visit to Baby Wren and Mum at 11 Days Old, Newborn Photography

Baby Wren is 11 days old today, she has the most beautiful eyes and a cheeky little smirk, I can see that she is going to have a lot of personality already, and with two older brothers she's going to need it!

Wren was wide awake for the shoot (which was a very quick shoot) but I think it worked well for her.

Those first few days go so quickly, and you seem to walk around in such a daze, it's hard to remember now but I'm so glad to have those early photographs of my babies to look back on.