How to Take Better Group Photos On Christmas Day (That Look Good, Without Tears)

It’s not long now until Christmas so I thought I'd post 7 quick tips on taking better group photos on Christmas Day that might be useful to you, even a couple small adjustments to the way you take these photos can have massive visible results.


1.  Time it well: Group photos are usually taken at the end of the evening or day when everyone is looking at their worst. For a ‘fresher’ shot take it once everyone has arrived.

2.  Plan ahead: think about where you might take the shot, your home will likely be all twinkly with lovely decorations so be sure to include some of your favourites to give the photo some context, make sure you choose a position where your group will fit and where there is enough light for the shot (windows light is great, make sure the group are facing the window).


3.  Pose the group:  In most cases your group will pose itself pretty naturally (we’ve all done it before). Tall people will go to the back, short people to the front. But there are other things you can do to add to the photo’s composition: Make sure no ones head is hiding behind another person and tell everyone to raise their chins a little – they’ll thank you later when they see the shot without any double chins!

4.  Continuous shots: One of the best ways to avoid the problems of not everyone looking just right in a shot is to take multiple photos quickly. I often use my iPhone in ’burst mode’ when taking photos of people and shoot in short bursts of shots. I find that the first shot is often no good but that the one or two directly after it often give a group that looks a little less posed and more relaxed.

  • To use burst mode on an iPhone: 
  • Launch the camera app from your iPhone or iPad's Home screen.
  • Hold down the Shutter button or Volume button to take a burst of pictures.
  • iOS will automatically choose the best photos from the burst. If you don't like photos it chooses, you can choose your own.
just keep your finger on the white 'shutter' button

just keep your finger on the white 'shutter' button

5.  Go outdoors: If you don't feel that your house has the space for everyone in front of the tree, take your camera outdoors for a lovely pre or post dinner wintery family walk but remember the sun goes down just before 4pm in December so make sure you go out before that.


6. Smile

Yes YOU should smile! There’s nothing worse than a grumpy stressed out person taking photos. Have fun and enjoy the process of getting your shots and you’ll find the group will too.

Get ready to enjoy better group shots!  


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