Family Portrait Sessions

How much does a location session cost?  Our session fee is £75 we usually work within 35 miles of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Are there any prints included with my session?

We don't live locally, can you travel to us for our session?  We can go further afield if you have a specific location in mind - just get in touch for a quote.

I only need one photograph, can you do that? To give the best possible quality and choice I take lots of photographs and select the best, however yes you can purchase one from the bunch.

I only want digital images to print myself, can you do this?

Do you only work outdoors?

What if the weather is bad? Heavy rain or high winds put a stop to an outdoor shoot, if the forecast is bad we will be in touch before the shoot to discuss other options - this may mean changing the time of the shoot or rescheduling to another suitable day.

Do you do newborn posing? No, I prefer babies to look natural and unposed - if you have something specific in mind I can recommend some great photographers who specialise in this type of newborn posing, best left to the experts!

Where will we go for our session?

What if my children are naughty or shy? I expect nothing else! As a mother I completely understand, sometimes a bit of mischief can make great photographs so don’t worry, I know every trick in the book to get a giggle and a few shots that will make your heart sing!

We don't live locally, can you travel to us for our session?

Can you fix spotty/dry skin?

How many photographs do you take?

I don't like my photo taken, can you just take photographs of the children? 

How do we view our photographs?

Why can't we view our photographs online?

Can I pay in instalments?

What should I wear? What do we need to bring?  It is important to wear what reflects who you actually are, we want you to feel comfortable.

Can I share the cost and invite extended family along?  Extended family are welcome if you would like to share the cost.

We can only make weekends, how do we book?

We can only be available for a shoot on a weekend but you only seem to have weekday availability? Weekend slots are snapped up very quickly so weekday slots quickly become our only available time slots.

What if I need to reschedule?  To reschedule a session or ordering appointment, please give us at least 24 hours advance notice. 

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