sarah jamieson, photographer

Photo credit: Katie Chappell

Photo credit: Katie Chappell

Family photography has always been my dream job. I get to capture children's first smiles, watch families grow, and I have the privilege of creating lifetime memories with them. I see couples look into each other's eyes and remember, all over again, how much they love each other. I get a kick from the pride and excitement on a business owner's face when they see their photography for the first time - pride in the company they have built and excitement about using my work to further future growth.

So if you would like to enhance your home or website with timeless photography that warms your heart and makes you proud, then welcome!

Photo credit: Katie Chappell

Photo credit: Katie Chappell

My superpower is chilling people out and putting them at their ease.

I'm a first-rate list maker and delight in crossing things off.

If I'm a bit stressed, I make another list. It helps.

I rely on apps and gadgets to keep my life organised. Oh, did I mention lists?

The best part of my work is creating meaningful, memorable experiences for families.

It makes me sad that there are no photos of my family together when I was a child, not even a little snapshot.

I believe that life is far too short to stand and iron clothes.

I manifest my love of childhood and playing into my work.

When I was 11, I gave myself a really bad haircut.

Before photography consumed me, I studied interior design and graphics and my work was exhibited in London's Millennium Dome.

I don't think I could survive a whole day without coffee.




I love the freedom that being self-employed gives me, and being able to travel and still produce work is something that I value greatly. 

After my morning coffee I love to cycle to the studio where I will work on whatever illustration projects I have happening.  While I'm doing that I'll answer your calls, respond to your emails, and when Sarah and Kim are not here I'll even take your passport photo.

My favourite quote is "Whatever you are, be a good one" - Abraham Lincoln.

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Hi!  I’m Kim, I’m always in the studio during the drop in times, and I’m usually making sure the place is spic and span. I can answer your queries and take passport and ID photographs.

I am a mum to 4 amazing kids, so over the years I have learned plenty of tips and tricks to make sure I can get the children who come in to the studio to feel comfortable and happy. 

Working with Sarah and Katie enables me to work around my family which is a lifesaver.

I love to exercise and I walk miles every day, coffee is my morning miracle, it always kickstarts my day.

Lovely place, fast and friendly! Made my boys feel so special & pictures have captured lasting memories! We shall be back every year! Thank you again
— Carly Currie, Norham
Very welcoming and friendly, photos are amazing highly recommended.
— Leanne Grethe, Belford